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Society for Queer Memory

Czech LGBT history is comprised of a remarkable mix of stories that are both exceptional and banal, both tragic and comical, both brave and wily.

They have one thing in common: since gays and lesbians have been excluded from the chain of ancestry, the cruel oblivion of time has affected their stories even more than those of their contemporaries.

At the same time, continuity and preservation of memory are the foundation stones of every community.

For these reasons, we established the Society in 2013 with the aims to facilitate dialogue between generations in the LGBT community and to build up a museum and a collection of sound recordings and written documents about its history and memory. The Queer Memory Centre has been working towards those aims since June 2015.

If you or a friend of yours have a story to tell or an object to donate that relates to the history of the LGBT community, please do not keep it to yourself and contact us:

Society for Queer Memory (Společnost pro queer paměť), Na Strži 40, 140 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic; queerpamet@queerpamet.cz; www.queerpamet.cz.